About IGBC

International Green Building Conference

Who are they and what they do?

The International Green Building Conference (IGBC), an anchor event of the Singapore Green Building Week (SGBW), brought together over 80 thought leaders, government officials, policy-makers and a notable spectrum of stakeholders – industry, students and end-users from over 50 countries in 2016.

A look at their past events

IGBC 2017, themed “Build Green: Be The Change”, seeks to catalyse behavioral change at the individual, interpersonal and community levels. IGBC 2017 will continue to provide a platform for the collaborative sharing of ideas among all stakeholders, widen the possibilities and broaden our imagination of having green buildings as a part of the built environment in co-existence with the natural environment.

What was achieved in IGBC 2017?

  • Innovative and  fluid presentation formats for increased participant engagement
  • Dedicated tracks for greening tenant spaces within buildings
  • Focused workshop  on R&D topics such as “Roundtable Discussion on ZEB”
  • Local and international Green Building Case Study presentations


This website solely provides information on the IGBC, and does not represent the IGBC nor the Singapore Building Green Week. We are focused on providing info on Green and new Condos in Singapore. For more information on IGBC, you may look up BCA Singapore.