About IGBC

Investment of Green Building and Clubhouse

Who are they and what they do?

The Investment of Green Building and Clubhouse (IGBC), together with Singapore Green Building Waterfront (SGBW), would like to highlight some interesting condominium in Singapore. This site is not to be confused and is a investment and pure reporting site to similarly named site like SGBW Singapore Green Building Week and IGBC which means International Green Building Conference which has no link to our site, there will be no responsibility taken for any incorrect and self-misleading claims.

A look at our events

IGBC 2027, is our aim in 9 years and themed “Green Building: Let’s go”, seeks to draw information from open source information and property related news to make good investment information and rental decisions for buyers and landlords. IGBC 2027 will strive to to furnish a collaborative platform for the sharing of innovative ideas among all stakeholders, explore all possibilities and expand our property related imagination of having green buildings as a part of the built-up suburban landscape of Singapore.

What we want to achieve in IGBC 2027?

  • We would like new launch condo all districts information and presentation for increased participant engagement
  • How does landlord react to green buildings
  • How to build beautiful full facilities condominium which can coexist with our urban environment


This website solely provides information on the IGBC, Investment of Green Building and Clubhouse, and does not represent the IGBC nor the Singapore Building Green Week. We are focused on providing info on Green and new Condos in Singapore. For more information on IGBC, you may look up BCA Singapore.