Margaret Ville Condo – New Launch by MCL Land (Regency)

Margaret Ville Condo is the latest development by MCL Land (Regency). Located between Margaret Drive and Commonwealth Avenue, it is situated in an established HDB estate with plenty of new developments, including minutes drive to iconic attraction – Holland Village in Singapore.

The condo land parcel at Margaret Drive received a top offer of $238.39m for the 22,195 sqm residential plot – (Press Release for Margaret Drive)This indicates strong demand and the bid was awarded to established MCL Land (Regency).


The project is officially announced at the end of 2017 with indicative prices expected to be released after CNY 2018. For starters, one may refer to the following Queenstown Masterplan by URA to get an idea of the estate Margaret Ville Singapore is developed in:

Margaret Ville - Queenstown Masterplan

As seen, new housing choices will be made available in the area, including Holland Village, Ghim Moh, and Margaret Drive itself. The increased pool of housing options is to cater for the surrounding new developments in leisure and economic outlay.

For example, a new community park will be planed along with the renovation of Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market. Queenstown offers a wide range of recreational facilities and landscapes for residents of all ages and is well connected to the park connector network. The ‘Round Island Route’ will make it easier for residents to walk or cycle to other parks and attractions.

Economic wise, Margaret Ville Condo has great investment potential due to the growth at one-north – where the new Mediacorp headquarters is housed, along with Lucasfilm’s Sandcrawler at Fusionpolis.

Margaret Ville Singapore – What is the expected Price?

Currently, the price psf will only be released after CNY 2018. Do register early with the Margaret Drive Official Developer Team to keep updated with the latest news. For now, we are certain there will be at least 1 to family bedroom options, with a total of 275 units. The estimated psf will be aligned with surrounding Condominiums to keep it competitive by MCL Land.

Here are the top 6 reasons why we expect the prices of Margaret Ville to be competitive (and investment worthy!):

  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Near Prestigious Schools and Education Hub
  • Centralized Location and Minutes to Orchard Road, Vivocity, CBD and Marina Bay
  • Strong Tenant Base from Surrounding Business Parks such as One-North, Mediapolis, Science Park
  • Great for Families near good schools and strong amenities
  • Potentially high rental demand

Margaret Ville Condo Project Details

Location Map and Surrounding Amenities

Margaret Ville Perspective Location Map

Margaret Ville Condo will be beside Commonwealth MRT and Queenstown MRT. Residents will find transportation convenient and minutes to big box shopping like IKEA. Here are some hubs that will be situated closeby: One North, Fusionopolis and Holland Village.

Education wise, Queenstown is known for the variety and strength of the education facilities and options. There is Queenstown Primary School, Queensway Secondary School and Anglo-Chinese School (International), Bukit Merah Secondary School, New Town Secondary School, Tanglin Trust School and Crescent Girls School.

Register for Early Preview for Margaret Ville

As mentioned by Mr Ong Kah Seng, director of property consultancy R’ST Research: He said that the Margaret Drive site could be sold at a high pricing and have a strong edge over its neighboring sites.

To find out more, do sign up for the showflat preview today!

Press Release: Prices Announced for Parc Botannia

Press Release: Prices Announced for Parc Botannia

Parc Botannia Condo: Sing Holdings & Wee Hur


With Parc Botannia and her surrounding development, Sengkang will have tangible investment appreciation by 2025. Being the newest neighborhood in Sengkang, Fernvale will be part of Sengkang’s seven sub-zones to be completed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB Singapore). This zone is expected to stretch from Punggol River to Jalan Kayu, and will be rewarded with an abundance of housing amenities. Needless to say, Jalan Kayu will be the main food street for delicacies and future prime area for coffeehouses and cafes.


As Parc Botannia is situated at an ideal and convenient location, this intricate condominium was tendered by a total of 14 proposals. The highest bid was brought forward by Sing Holdings and Wee Hur Development of a total bid value of S$287.1 billion. The runner up was China’s Constructions proposal at S$287.98 billion. All in all, Sing Holdings and Wee Hur Development has a renowned name in Singapore and we can expect the development to have a positive

Other bidders included China Construction (South Pacific) Development, Allgreen Properties, MCL Land (Regency), and Treasure View. This joint development will create positive hype and excitement for the residents of Sengkang. Interested buyers can take note on the latest updates of dates so you can plan your viewing. (See Above for Important Dates and Events).


The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) launched Parc Botannia for tender at Fernvale Road on September 27th.

Wee Hur Holdings is one of the developers working on the Parc Botannia. They have been creating housing residences in Singapore since their establishment in 1980. After 28 years, the company was listed on Singapore’s Exchange Mainboard on January 2008.

Sing Development is the other joint project development company that won the public tender for this project. They have been around since 1964. With over 50 years of experience, they are well-rounded, dedicated, and trusted to successfully complete this project. Recent developments by Sing Development include residential projects such as the BelleRive in Bukit Timah area or Waterwoods project in Punggol.

Parc Botannia: More Information and All You Need To Know

Parc Botannia condo has not been fully constructed and will TOP in Dec 2020. At the Parc Botannia show flat location, prospects will be able to view a three-dimensional replica of the building, get answers to any questions, and get up-to-date information and prices for

Parc Botannia @ Fernvale road will hold around 735 residential units, 17,196.4m2, a maximum gross floor area of 51,590m2 and a period of 99 years leasehold. Parc Botannia floor plan will range from 1 bedroom for small spaces living, to a deluxe 5 bedroom for a bigger family. Learn more:

BCA Singapore announces phased roll out of new initiatives arising from review of 3rd Green Building Masterplan

BCA Singapore announces phased roll out of new initiatives arising from review of 3rd Green Building Masterplan

“A new set of criteria will be piloted for Green Mark for Existing Non-Residential Buildings, which includes smart building controls and strategies.”

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has investigated its third Green Building Masterplan, which was discharged in 2014. New activities in view of the audit will be taken off in stages for upgrading the indoor condition quality for tenants, empowering high vitality proficient structures and greening existing structures and spaces.

The declaration was made by Mr. Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development, and Second Minister for National Development, at the opening of the Singapore Green Building Week (SGBW) 2017.

Refining the Green Mark Scheme

The BCA Green Mark was propelled in January 2005 as a measuring stick to rate the natural supportability of structures in the tropics and to invigorate the development of green structures in Singapore. It intends to set parameters and set up markers to manage the plan, development and activity of structures towards higher vitality proficiency and improved natural execution.

BCA started an exploration think about in 2014 in a joint effort with National University of Singapore (NUS) to examine Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) execution in BCA Green Mark structures in correlation with structures without the affirmation. The investigation found that, other than being more vitality productive, BCA Green Mark structures additionally give a more beneficial indoor condition to its inhabitants. The investigation watched that tenants in Green Mark structures were more happy with their indoor condition and were less inclined to encounter wiped out building syndrome[1] (SBS) indications.

The consequences of the examination will enable BCA to refine its criteria for future BCA Green Mark plans. The last form, Version 3, was executed in 2012.

To begin with, BCA will pilot another arrangement of criteria for the Green Mark for Existing Non-Residential Buildings (GM ENRB: 2017) plot for one year, which incorporate upgraded prerequisites for building proprietors to enhance the IEQ for its inhabitants and embrace brilliant control frameworks to work the structures.

Upgraded GM ENRB: 2017 (Image credit: BCA)

For example, savvy building controls and procedures are being presented in GM ENRB: 2017 in the territories of vitality checking, request control, and additionally incorporation and investigation. GM ENRB: 2017 additionally advances great practices, for example, the utilization of high-proficiency channels in air appropriation frameworks and changeless sensors to screen indoor air toxins, for example, formaldehyde and particulate issues.

Different features of GM ENRB: 2017 incorporate empowering sun oriented appropriation and granting credit focuses to structures for connecting with SGBC-licensed Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) firms to actualize vitality change works with a vitality execution contract, and support of chilled water cooling and air conveyance frameworks’ efficiencies through an execution based upkeep contract.

GM ENRB: 2017 additionally plans to empower building and office directors to gauge and comprehend the execution of their air dispersion frameworks and take activities to enhance or keep up the framework proficiency.

New Green Mark conspire in a joint effort with Health Promotion Board (HPB) being investigated

BCA is investigating with the HPB the advancement of another Green Mark plan to energize great outlines, for example, the arrangement of vitality productive lighting and office gear (the “equipment”) and in addition the improvement of work environment wellbeing related projects (the “product”) to support sound practices among office inhabitants.

The new plan expects to inspire organizations to consider the wellbeing and prosperity of their tenants when planning both inside fit-outs and arrangements of the workplaces, and the work environment wellbeing projects and strategies for the laborers. More subtle elements of the joint plan will be made accessible in mid-2018.

Revelation of vitality execution information of business structures

Since 2013, BCA has logically required business structures, medicinal services offices and instructive organizations to submit building data and vitality utilization information every year. The most recent discoveries demonstrate a 9% change in the general Energy Use Intensity (EUI; estimated in Kwh/m2.yr) of these structures in 2016 contrasted with 2008, with more critical change in the course of the most recent five years.

To enable building proprietors to know about their building’s vitality execution versus different structures of comparative kinds, this year BCA will uncover the vitality execution information of business structures, whose proprietors have willfully consented to freely unveil their structures’ information.

This will cover around seventy five percent of every business working in Singapore and is a take after on from a year ago’s round of anonymised revelation. Such information divulgence intends to empower building proprietors and offices administrators to deliberately receive financially savvy measures for their structures and furthermore with their inhabitants, to lessen the vitality impression of their structures. The vitality information is made accessible on BCA’s site and Singapore’s open information entrance, BCA will next approach medicinal services offices and instructive foundations to deliberately reveal their vitality execution information from 2018. It is trusted that more prominent straightforwardness of building vitality information will expand interest for green structures and its related administrations and make more market open doors both locally and territorially in territories, for example, vitality reviews and naturally feasible outline for green building firms.

The accessibility of building vitality execution information could likewise goad the examination group and organizations to consider approaches to propel green building arrangements in Singapore and the area.

Development Industry Transformation Map being worked on

The proceeded with development sought after for green building plan and advances has been distinguished as a key pattern in the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM[2]) which is at present being produced. To take care of the expanding demand for green structures, BCA has modified its objective to prepare 25,000 green building experts by 2025 (from the past focus of 20,000 by 2020). To date, around 16,000 experts, directors, administrators and specialists (PMETs) have been prepared by the Institutes of Higher Learning, BCA Academy and the business affiliations.

Improvement of the PE-ZE-SLEB Technology Roadmap

In 2016, BCA shared the yearning of accomplishing Positive Energy, Zero Energy and Super Low Energy Buildings (PE-ZE-SLEB) in Singapore. To look at the openings and difficulties of executing PE/ZE/SLEB, BCA set out on an examination on the PE-ZE-SLEB Technology Roadmap since 2016. This examination expects to outline pathways towards accomplishing PE-ZE-SLEB by means of advancement, showing and utilization of innovations, with an attention on financially savvy and implementable arrangements.

A consultative approach has been embraced with different industry meeting sessions, partners’ roundtable workshops and overviews. The investigation was directed in a joint effort with examine organizations NTU-ERI@N (Nanyang Technological University-Energy Research Institute) and NUSSERIS (National University of Singapore-Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore) and industry accomplices, with financing support from the Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC) and National Research Foundation (NRF). BCA wants to look for additionally remarks from the neighborhood and abroad specialists at the IGBC-Roundtable Discussion Workshop.